Risk Management

The organization that seeks to distinguish itself faces some risks. The goal is not to avoid these risks, but rather to minimize the impact by the implementation of a response strategy.

Issue Management

In a project, waiting for a decision or an unanswered question is not uncommon. However, to succeed, the organization must take action so that they are resolved in a timely manner.

Decision Management

Decisions taken by stakeholders must be consolidated to tell the complete story of the project. In addition to allowing their capture, Zonerisk facilitates their classification and search.

Lessons Learned Management

An organization that learns from its failures and builds on its successes will become more efficient.  Instead of the white board, why not refer to your previous lessons learned.


A home page presented as a personalized dashboard allows the user to access the information of interest. A dashboard must be quick and efficient.

Multi-Level Structure

A project hierarchy enables the organization to have an overview of its activities. This global vision improves decision making.