Zonerisk is an integrated solution designed to support the project manager in its ongoing operations during the execution of a project. Whether to make the management of its risks and issues or to communicate project monitoring, Zonerisk offers the ideal work environment. In addition to supporting the project manager, the tool used to inform real-time leaders of the organization to facilitate decision making.


The challenges of project management

From the 1950s, quality management appears to be an ideal solution for companies looking to increase their performance. Supported by great thinkers such as Deming and Juran, quality management looks to establish a continuous improvement approach. At the time. business leaders were counting on reducing their operating costs to increase profit margins.

However, large companies are now confronted with the emergence of competition booming from developing countries. These new competitors offer similar products, while keeping very low production costs. Facing this new reality, companies must differentiate themselves through innovation. To maintain their market share, products and services must show their added value. Far from the process that are repetitive and stable operations, innovation leads to progressive projects. Each project is undertaken as part of an effort of short duration in order to create a single product or service, taking into account the constraints of budgets and deadlines.

Project management must be structured to help project managers balance project priorities (cost, time and scope). Zonerisk maintains this information at all levels of your project structure (portfolio / program / project) and makes it available in reports and graphs ready to circulate.


The role and responsibilities of the project manager

The project manager is the person responsible for completing the project on time and budget. This role requires a good mix of skills in project management, relational abilities and technical knowledge of areas of interest. Key fact, over 80% of the project manager’s time is dedicated to communication.

The impact of the project manager is key to project success. Several factors of project success are directly related to its ability to:

  • Articulate the objectives to members of the project team
  • Balancing the cost, time and scope
  • Regularly inform stakeholders to facilitate decision making
  • Follow up on progress of project activities
  • Monitor and control the outstanding issues and project risks

To improve its chances of success, the project manager must have the support of his organization. In addition to assigning a competent project team and the level of authority required, the organization must give him the tools that allow it to work effectively. Zonerisk was designed to support the project manager throughout the implementation of his project, giving it the means to optimize the project’s information.


Project Monitoring and Control

Zonerisk focuses on the monitoring and control of the project and supports the project manager from start-up to project closure. The Project Management Institute has identified “monitoring and control project” as one of five major process groups of project management. This group includes processes for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the project performance. The key objective of this process group is to ensure that performance is observed and measured regularly to identify gaps in relation to the project management plan.

Zonerisk supports the project manager in the management of elements that can influence project success. Project data is collected from early as identification of key risks and continue throughout the project life-cycle. In addition to risk management, Zonerisk facilitates the tracking of issues requiring intervention. Finally, the tool sets up the foundation to make the reporting of project performance.


Key benefits from an integrated solution

Zonerisk is an integrated solution for project management whose main objective is to ease the task of project manager in its monitoring and project control. Zonerisk is not intended to replace well-known tools in planning and monitoring project activities such as Primavera and Microsoft Project, but rather comes to complete their service offering. Zonerisk fully  integrates the following key features:Managing risks and opportunities

  • Management issues and problems
  • Management lessons learned
  • Performance Management
  • Management of change requests

To ensure the smooth running of the project, the project manager must manage all the factors that can affect its success. The importance of being aware of the latest development of risks and outstanding issues is essential. The sooner such obstacles are removed, the less are the chances of disruption to the project. In addition to frame the organization in achieving its projects, Zonerisk adds two key factors:

  • Stakeholder input. Each activity is assigned a responsible. This person has a duty to update its operations so that the project team is informed
  • Overview. The tool was designed to allow the organization to impose its project structure. More specifically, the organization can manage its projects by grouping them into programs and portfolios.